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Penn PhysicianLink New Account

New PhysicianLink Account Request

Before you get started:
  • Who in a practice needs a PhysicianLink Account? Any healthcare professional whose patients have been seen at Penn Medicine and who intends to retrieve medical records and or billing information.
  • Identify a site administrator for your practice.  This can be an Office Manager, Referral Coordinator, or Physician/Clinician.  This Site Administrator will serve as the primary contact for Penn Medicine regarding technical questions or site account updates, and is granted the right to submit new PhysicianLink access requests as well as account deactivations (for example: when a person leaves a group practice).  The Site Administrator should complete an online form for her/himself, as well as for any individuals in the practice. Site Administrators, we encourage you to request accounts for all users in the practice at the same time you request yours.
  • Please note: if you have already established a site account with Penn PhysicianLink your site administrator may log into Penn PhysicianLink and request to add new users. If you need additional help you may email
  • Individuals or sole practitioners can request a PhysicianLink account.
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